Take your music collection to the next level with CoverBuddy. Don’t let iTunes™ play alone, everyone needs a buddy!


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It just makes sense.

Instead of scrolling through an endless list of track names and album titles, transform your iTunes™ collection into an actual album collection – CoverBuddy just makes sense!

Launching CoverBuddy launches iTunes™. The first time you run CoverBuddy it quickly indexes your entire music collection grouping and displaying all your tracks as albums, automatically! That’s all there is to it. CoverBuddy lets you experience your music collection the way it should be... no more rows and columns of file names and track data, just simple songs and albums. By working together with iTunes™, CoverBuddy breathes new life into your collection, allowing you to become part of the music again – in a way that is fun and familiar.

It’s addicting...

What makes CoverBuddy so popular is how easy it is to add cover art, and how exciting it is to rediscover the joy of having a “real” album collection. From the first time you add a cover and flip the album over to choose a track, you’ll instantly understand why CoverBuddy is the perfect companion for iTunes™, and why it's quickly catching on with true music enthusiasts everywhere!

Features you’ll love.

CoverBuddy is easy to use and comes equipped with features and options that allow you to customize your experience. Adding cover art couldn’t be more simple. Select an album, and grab artwork directly from your hard drive or use the “Search Amazon” feature to automatically search and bring up cover art for that specific album name on www.amazon.com. Just drag and drop the image from your browser window directly onto the album!

While CoverBuddy comes loaded with a default color scheme you are free to fully customize colors, fonts, and even add a more personal touch with custom backgrounds.

Click the “full screen” button to enjoy the beauty of your collection with no distractions from other applications.

Scale your album covers to practically any size, at any time with the scale slider. Use the drop down menu to sort your albums by Artist, Genre, Year, Decade, Composer or Grouping. Coverbuddy makes it easy to grab all the right music for just the right atmosphere.

Get Connected!

Control your music remotely right on your Sony PSP – or from any other computer on the network, with any web browser!

How does it work? CoverBuddy has an all new Web Interface Server that lets you access and control your entire music collection over the internet. Just select "Server Settings" from the menu, check "Activate Web Interface" and click "Launch in Browser". Invite your friends over, and feel free to socialize. Armed with your trusty PSP, you now have an interactive remote controller that lets you change the music playing on your computer, from any room in the house!

You’re the life of the party!

CoverBuddy is Party Approved! Your friends will love to browse your growing album collection and either play albums freely, or add tracks to the CoverBuddy playlist created in iTunes™. Add entire albums or individual songs from various albums to the list with the click of your mouse. Everyone has a chance to set the mood!

Turn your computer into a virtual juke box with the “full screen” button, make your monitor the center of attention. Parties are more fun with music, and music is a lot more fun with CoverBuddy.

Take your music collection to the next level with CoverBuddy. Don’t let iTunes™ play alone, everyone needs a buddy!